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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Recommendation Report

I. Introduction

Recommendation report is a technical paper used in persuading the reader to take a certain course of action to solve a day-to-day problem in a company.

This is usually written by a supervisor or manager who, in the course of the performance of his job, encounters a problem and reports it to his superior with a recommendation on how to solve it. The writer is duty-bound to report the problem and solve it, thus the term “recommendation.”

The recommendation is based on a study on the nature of the problem. It may recommend one or more possible solutions. The solution may be done inside the corporation or outside. When the solution to the problem requires hiring the services or buying the products of other firms, a proposal or several proposals to be bid may be required.

II. Content and Organization

Basically, a recommendation report contains the following parts:

1. Background. This is a description of the situation that led to the discovery of the problem.
2. Analysis of the Problem. This is an in-depth discussion of the problem. This may be a brief discussion of a research conducted to understand and solve the problem.
3. Recommendation. This is a discussion of the recommended solution or possible solutions (options) to the problem.

The arrangement of the above contents is suggested in the following outline:

...........I. Background
...........II. Analysis of the problem
...........III. Recommendation

III. Mechanics

The report may be in the following forms:
A. Informal report
1. Letter
2. Memorandum
3. Outline

B. Formal report

It has all the parts of formal report. The analysis of the study may be a full-blown research report.


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