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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Classification and Analysis


A. Definition

Classification is a special technique in writing involving the grouping of data based on a certain principle and discussing each group.

Analysis is special technique in writing that involves the breaking up of a topic in parts and discussing each part in detail.

B. Uses

Classification is used in organizing or collating the collected data for a technical paper like research report.

Analysis is used in the detailed presentation of the data for a technical paper.

C. Types

There are two types of analysis:
Analysis by division: simple analysis
Analysis by dissection: in-depth analysis


The data in classification are groups and sub-groups.
The data in analysis are parts or sub-parts.


Groups, sub-groups, parts, and sub-parts can be arranged chronologically, spatially, and logically, depending upon the topic.


Some reminders in classification and analysis:
Use a single principle of classification and analysis.
Do not allow the groups or parts to overlap.
Make the groups or parts relatively complete.
Make the treatment of parts balanced.
Use appropriate organization patterns.
Use appropriate statistical tools of analysis.


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