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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Choosing a Topic for College Research Report

In choosing a topic for a college research report, the following points have to be considered:

1. Interest and significance. The topic for a research work should be interesting and important to both the researcher and the reader (apparently the teacher). Considering that college is generally expected to prepare students for their future professional work, the topic should be related to the researcher’s (student’s) course. Considering also that research are generally conducted to solve problems, the topic should be one that helps solve a problem related the researcher’s course.

2. Availability of data. The topic chosen should be one whose data are available to the researchers and are measurable. They should be topics whose data can be gathered in such research methods as survey, experiment, and content analysis.

3. Manageability. The topic should be specific enough for the researcher to finish developing in a given time. Considering the time for data gathering and report writing, the researcher should choose a topic so specific as one that can be finished in one semester.

Sample topics

1. Is cell phone brand A better than cell phone brand B?
2. Are the attitudes of selected students toward imported goods positive?
3. Do progressive songs really advocate social change?
4. Is advertising through radio better than advertising through TV?

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